As artificial intelligence gradually takes over
technical and professional capacities,
the benefit of talent is no longer limited to skillset.
Passion and Wisdom
Create a Unique Competitive Edge
Nobody can find
a breakthrough solution
in a fixed mindset,
the PACATA workshop offers
a space for you to see yourself
from a higher ground.

As the world evolves,
ideals drift farther away
weary of competition,
exhausted from challenge
reality constrains potential,
physically and mentally.

Moments in Memory
In this busy world where a peaceful moment is a luxury, the PACATA workshop provided me with an opportunity to examine myself.
Compared to nature itself, my personal existence is so insignificant; I now realize that I have wasted too much time on evaluating personal gains and losses.
It takes 100 years for the Antarctic lichen to grow 1 centimeter.
Every step is significant for growth.
This is my first time experiencing such a deep connection with my team through communication, I feel much closer to them.
When I see my management style I see a problem with my fixed mindset. The bottleneck to growth is not market limitations but rather a limitation to my personal conviction.
This is a soul enriching exercise. You are one with the universe.
This has been a productive weekend, the focus was on spiritual communication and soul searching. We are now more than a team. We are a family.
A rich team building experience, fast paced and passionate, also peaceful and open. We laughed, we cried, and we now know and understand each other so much better.

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