PACATA understands your enterprise’s hunger for innovation,
as well as the difficulties it faces.

How does an enterprise build sustainable innovation in order to stand out among competitors and be well-prepared for
disruptive change?
Can experimentation and collaboration
help translate innovation into
better performance?

What is the difference between cost of innovation and evitable failure?

Sustainable Innovation “lives” within an enterprise’s
culture that embraces the Wisdom of Balance.
How can an organization continuously foster innovation in ideas, business models and products?

To build a management system driven by the Wisdom of Balance that can shape an individual’s behavior to gear innovation.
Willingness to Explore and
Discipline to Restrain
With a highly disciplined and scientific management system in place, companies are able to determine risks and costs of innovation.

Such a system enables people to learn from success and failure rather than focusing merely on individual performance.

When met with a new possibility, people will not only question its validity but also explore its potential.

They would then vigorously explore and experiment, and resources will be allocated.

Collaborative Innovation and
Decision Making Efficiency
The fact is,

Collaboration does not mean consensus.
People spend too much time and energy on reaching consensus because they fear making decisions.

Finding a balance between certainty and efficiency is an exciting challenge.

Innovation will always create uncertainty,
thus resources and information must be integrated to reduce risks.

Redundant communication tends to decrease decision making efficiency. Organizations are therefore conflicted between collaboration and efficiency.

Flat Organization and
Strong Leadership
What is the purpose of being flat?

Faster response to a rapidly changing environment – shorter decision making chains, decentralized accountability and shared decision making power across all levels.

Why is strong leadership essential to a flat organization?

If management is not crystal clear on the organization’s strategic direction and principles, a flat organization could be thrown into confusion and disorder.

How does PACATA help organizations
develop Wisdom of Balance and build sustainable innovation?
PACATA innovatively combines consulting solutions with team coaching, and applies the Wisdom of Balance to a company’s operating process, decision making and collaboration mechanisms, as well as interpersonal interaction. Individual, team and organizational behavior are shaped to achieve sustainable innovation.

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